I am a photographer based in Piedmont, Alabama. I do both fine art and commercial photography. In my commercial photography, I like to bring in fine art elements to create a unique and beautiful image. My goal is to capture lasting memories and create a memorable experience. In my fine art work, I usually work with concepts that I relate to or have experienced. I like to leave my images open to interpretation and am always interested to hear what someone’s interpretation to an image is. I like to make work that other people can relate to. Most of my images are very simple and calm.
        In my spare time, I like to spend time with my family and my significant other. I also enjoy painting and ceramics. When I get overwhelmed with photography and need a creative break I turn to painting and ceramics as my relief. I also enjoy playing with my fur babies. I have one dog, Glori, and three cats, Charlie, Cleo, and Teddy.

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