Everyone dreams. Many people dream about flying. It’s a fantasy human kind has had for centuries. The Ancient Greek myth of Daedalus creating wings for himself and his son Icarus articulates man’s age-old fantasy of flying. Many inventors have tried to make machines to help humans fly. Although we have airplanes, people still dream of flying without the help of machines. The closest people can get to flying on their own is in their dreams. These images are meant to visualize the dream of human flight. The intention of the images is to appear as if the viewer is getting a glimpse of someone else’s dream that may even relate to their own dreams.
This series is an ode to the simplicity and child-like nature of dreams of flying. J.M. Barries play, Peter Pan, illustrates this best by saying that all one need do to fly is believe. In dreams anyone believes anything is possible. The images show that through the medium of photography, flying is possible. The images are not meant to overwhelm the viewer, but are meant to give them a sense of calm wonderment.
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