Many people have encountered a trauma of some sort in their life-time. While coping with a trauma one longs for something better, for a more peaceful state. “Overcome” is about coming out of a traumatic time and into a better state.
         In this series, portions of the human body are emerging from an opaque substance. This is to represent the transition from one state into another. The figure is not yet in this peaceful state, but is emerging through into a better state. A variety of trauma is represented in the series, including: natural disaster, injury, mental illness, and psychological disorders.
         This series began as a reaction to a trauma I had encountered. It is a representation of the transition to peace that I have made, have witnessed others make, and know others are longing to make. Peace is something many long for at one point or another, but the feeling becomes more prevalent during a time of angst or trauma. “Overcome portrays the transformation from a state of trauma to one of peacefulness and the belief that there is hope in the future.
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